....Old Chelsea update:

Based on what we know from the contractors last week, access to the village centre will require continued patience and creativity and planning-

This week : Old Chelsea Road will be blocked between Padden (beside the café) and Vincent (up by the church). Notch Road (heading to Aylmer and Pontiac region) will also be closed just south of Mine Road. (Refer to the maps) .

Map 1    Map 2

The coffee shop will be open, bright and early, and until lunch time 7-1230 for Monday. 

Likely 7-5 for Wed/Thurs/Fri if all goes well! 

Thanks again for all your patience.

.. Pour lundi le 28 septembre, le café sera ouvert 0700h-1230h.

Pour mercredi/jeudi/vendredi 0700h-1700h.

Pour savoir plus sur la construction de rue consultez les images ici:  Map 1    Map 2  ....