For holiday Monday, Sept. 7, we will be open 8-3 

Pour lundi le 7 september, le café sera ouvert 0800 - 1500h. 

For this week of continued construction, our hours are as follows: 

Tuesday - closed
Wednesday 9 Sept - 0700- 1230 pm
Thursday 10 Sept. - 0700 - 1230 pm
Friday 11 Sept. - 0700 - 1230 pm 

Pour cette semaine, nos heures d'ouverture sont: 

mardi - fermé
mercredi 9 sept 0700 - 1230h
jeudi 10 sept 0700 - 1230 h
vendredi 11 sept 0700 - 1230 h 

We are anticipating that the construction will be the same as it was last Friday: 

Padden road(beside coffee shop) is now ONE Way from Old Chelsea Road toward Scott Road. You CANNOT enter Padden from Scott (as we all have been doing for years).
If you are coming down Scott I suggest you go through Biscotti parking lot, park, walk, get your coffee and go back out Scott road. Otherwise you will have to go all the way around via hwy105 to Old Chelsea Road.
If you come down Old Chelsea Road from Hwy 5 and the church , there is now a barricade saying "local traffic only". 
YOU , the Les Saisons customer, ARE LOCAL TRAFFIC.Keep on driving.

Thanks for your persistence and support!